Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

Earth Awareness is one of the oldest and biggest off grid centre of the Netherlands, a visit is a guarantee for an unforgetable experience

You can look at our centre as a green laboraty where we learn to live and work together in synchronisity with the intelligence of the Earth.

A fertile testing ground where we can observe how human beings can live symbiotacally with nature. With a flow of creativity, the ritmes of the seasons and the connection between each other, Earth Awareness has grown out to be a cultural breeding ground and nursery for the green revolution.


The centre is located in a extraordinary green little village and is an exceptional bird paradise. Thanks to the kolossal trees and great biodiversity its an incredibly lovely place to stay.

Claybank stoves, an outside kitchen, art, eco toilets, great gardens with a greenhouse, workshops and an amazing look out platform are some of the very beautiful, high quality assesories and facilities you will find and enjoy at the centre.

Nature Temple
~A call for ecological integrity~

A Temple for the people, for reflection, empowerment and connection with your origin and the greater whole. A tribute to source. 

From solidarity to our biosphere to raise awareness and restore the relationship between men and nature.

The temple is build from an inspiration, with the intention to expose nature's beauty and create an awakening of Earth awareness.

The experience space is incredibly well set up for educational purposes and other meetings. It is a beautiful compass for truthseekers and also has a mystic function as ceremonial initiation centre.

Holistisch Inspiratie Centrum
Earth Awareness

Dutch Eco Village gathering 2016

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Building the Temple of Nature 2015