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Earth Awareness Foundation


Earth Awareness is one of the oldest and biggest off grid centre of the Netherlands, a visit is a guarantee for an unforgetable experience.

Earth Awareness is based in the middle of the Netherlands - about 1 hour from Amsterdam - and is close to a big national parc It is situated in a unique and off grid forest-village and is an exceptional bird paradise. The colossal trees, great biodiversity and monumental buildings make an incredible scenery together. 

The centre is founded in 2004 and been completely off grid since. Here you find rocket mass heaters and woodstoves, eco toilets and solar power, great gardens and an ethnobotanical greenhouse. Beautiful sculptures and natural art are all around, with one major piece at the centre ‘The Nature Temple’. Inside the farmhouse there is an atelier of 275 m2 where the sleeping spaces are situated,

Nature Temple

An initiation centre for the people, for reflection on and reconnection with our origin and the mystery of creation. This unique experience space is specifically designed for ceremonial use. It functions as a compass and initiation centre for truth-seekers. The enchantment of the Nature Temple is the ultimate setting to explore altered states of consciousness. A visit guarantees an unforgettable experience full of inspiration.

The Nature Temple is a 140 m2 square work of art, organically built with thick trunks and curly branches, coloured glass and clay. The majestic wooden floor combined with a fire place in the centre gives the Nature Temple splendour. The 7 diameter geodesic dome-shaped vault at the roof functions as a galactic clock through which you can watch the celestial constellations at night. During the day the sunlight shines through and you can watch the crowns of the surrounding cathedral-like trees.

Library of the earth – Made from more than 40 different types of wood, mostly inlands, give the Temple an unmistakable authentic character. Each type of wood tells its own story, both physically and symbolically. From a technical point of view the Nature Temple has become a combination of various ecological building styles, with elements from an earth-ship, a hobbit house and a log cabin. We have made use of straw, clay and cord-wood construction techniques.

Spirit of Community - In the years that have passed more than 200 volunteers helped with the building proces. They offered their sweat, knowledge or finances to manifest this communual dream.

With the building of the Nature Temple, we are realizing a ‘clubhouse’ for green initiatives and out of the box solutions, a place where we can meet, co create and relax together. Somewhere in time we all come to the realization that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for……… 

About Us - Mark & Maya

We are pioneers in off the grid living and are always surfing the uncharted waters. We are the beating heart of Earth Awareness and therefor know how to inspire others. Unlimited imagination power in combination with practical skills has enabled us to authentically create a new reality. Because of our colaberation with many indigenous wisdomkeepers for many years we were lucky to go beyond and develop different views, which we express in art and events.


The centre has facilitated retreats for thousands of people since 2006, collaborating with keepers of ancestral knowledge. We have integrated several shamanic plant traditions and blended it with our own European roots. We have used this experience to finetune an authentic balance between indigenous traditions, modern Western culture and scientific knowledge. This gives our organisation a strong foundation of professional standards, safety protocols and ethics. The cornerstone of our retreats is an incredible transdisciplinary team of highly skilled and experienced facilitators who are there to support. We are dedicated to provide our guests the opportunity to benefit from the psilocybin’s potential to catalyse a life changing experience. More information about the retreats.

Take a look in the agenda for all event dates. Because you might not be able to read the Dutch, know that on our FB page all English spoken events come with an English invitation


Ambonstraat 5, 7395 MV Teuge (NL)

Pubic transport

Earth Awareness is accessible by public transport. You can get here by train up until Apeldoorn, Deventer or Twello. From there you have to take a bus. 


The amount of parking spaces here are limited so we are quickly forced to make use of the public road, which are also used by our neighbours. For this reason it would be best to make use of carpooling or to come by public transport.

If you do come by car, the parking lot is in front of the big wooden gate. Park you cars neatly so others have enough space as well. 

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