Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

Earth Awareness is a Holistic Inspiration Centre, located on a formal militairy base in Teuge (NL) that was abondand for 20 years. It was squatted in 2001, and now, 16 years of creative freedom later, it is transformed into an off grid eco-forrest-village.

Self-sufficient, with local sustainability as permaculture gardens, solar panels, rocket stove mass heaters, food forrest, compost toilets and waterfilters. Most has been build low budget with a high level of recycling and upcycling.

You will also find a lot of different arts; metal and chainsaw sculptures, shamanic art and natural building under the momumental trees with the chattering birds. The enchantment of this place will take you straight to a deep connection with the realms of imagination.

Earth Awareness has been the spiritual home of many wisdom keepers from all continents, providing truth seekers a powerful path of initiation and healing through visionary plant ceremonies.

One of the highlights is the building of the Temple of Nature, a 13 meter roundhouse, a bio-constructed artwork of big logs, cord wood and curly branches, a place to come together, to contemplate, release, reload and celebrate life.

If you resonate in this frequency, you are very welcome to put yourself on our mailinglist and join one of our events. This year we will celebrate every Full Moon together. This is also a good way for new people to connect with us and the centre (see agenda for dates).

Watch a video for an impression

*We are all Planetary Passengers on this TimeShip Earth*
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