Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

Às long as we can remember, woman gather together round a fire, for friendship, recognection, support and reflection. Woman circles feed body and spirit.

Earth Awareness is gathering the women. There are women circles for sharing & experiencing, music & singing and magic truffle circles

Woman Magic Truffle Ceremony


With a group of woman we gather around the ancient fire, to connect with the Spirit of the Magic Mushrooms.

The purpose of this sacred ceremony is to be presence and to support the whole and healthy woman as we enter a mysterious realm where all is felt and welcomed.

Come eye to eye with all creatures of your universe, explore behind your well known realities and surrender to the great mystery. This ceremony is activating a alchemistic process of transformation for health and meaning and is empowering for heart/spirit. Using simply the natural elements to bond with our sisters. We can just be together, allowing ourselves to be taken over by the dance of the moment. In such simple meeting from heart to heart, there is no separation. As woman in this circle we are all equal.

Magic Mushrooms take you into the realms of your imagination, where all creations are born, and your perception gets highly influenced, beyond the world of logics. There, all your masks and defense mechanisms will be bypassed. Now you are completely capable of thinking and feeling 'out of the box'. After the peak of the ceremony, when you made your offerings or sacrifice and shared your gratefulness, you will easely transform into a state of pure natural being. It is here where you can value your life and all you have attracted, with a peaceful heart. Where you change deep rooted conditions and give space to a clear vision concerning your future, relationships and environment.

Who is invited?

In this sacred ceremony, motivated sisters (18+) who are open for true connections with other sisters and are in fysical, mental and emotional healthy state, are invited. It is important that you realize we do inner work, and it will ask your effort and trust towards the medicine, the guidance and the group.


Every few months you can choose to join a sacred ceremony with a women group (max of 15 people), with a pauze from sept till march. During these winter months it is possible to do a personal ceremony,or a sister ceremony (max of 3 good friends).

The guidance

Maya is your ceremonial guide and caretaker of the place. She is working with the sacred plants/mushrooms for more than 20 years in groups and on an individual base. She has been trained intensively by working for many years together with medicine people from all kind off different traditions. 

Join a magic mushroom ceremony for women? In the weekend of July 28/29 2018 there will be a full night ceremony at Earth Awareness. Fill in the form if you like to know more about it or to subscribe yourself.

Thanks for your interest in a woman ceremony. We will mail you back as soon as possible.
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