Earth Awareness

Holistisch Inspiratie Centrum 

The legendary dragon is an original cosmic ancestress through whom the fire of life is born. She represents the intelligence of the universal consciousness-field and embodies de connection with all there is.

The dragon, courageous and omnipotent ruler of all elements, ultimate symbol of sovereignty, immortality and absolute master of light and darkness.

The dragon is bilateral who brings balance and unity within the dance of contradictions.

Ever since the beginning of times the dragon has functioned as a mentor for humanity, counselor of cultures and has been founder of many rites and rituals of wisdom. Feared, honoured and battled, is this majestic, charismatic king of mythologies and messenger of unseen kingdoms.

Dragons carry an astonishing, magical and pure heart and originate from the imaginary world of our collective minds. They speak to us in the mysterieus language of imagination and relate to our ability of inner knowing. The dragon is keeper and initiator of the tree who carries the fruit of occult knowledge. Through the veils of segregation, he keeps the gate to all spheres of existence. The dragon is the treasurer of the spiritual essence coming from our deepest source of being.

Anywhere the lines of dragon families cross, temples will rise. And that's how it will be, in the dawn of the white dragon, we shall all return to our own temple.

The sculpture of the white dragon represents the altar of our Nature Temple in Teuge. Made out of sculls, bones, horns and antlers of animals. Made for the animals, with the intention to visually shape the guard of the animal kingdom, so that humanity can recall this energy within and apply this energy to recover the balance. Created from a genuine admiration and love for nature, an honour to the source and in dedication to the holiness of the web of life. To unfold my creative gift to give expression to my life fulfilling journey.

After many years of collecting and experimenting, this dragon-project is now entering into its last fase. It was an intense journey of solitude along many faces, immeasurable depths and unimaginable heights before the eventual way of expressing resonated with what wanted to unveil itself through me. This originated from an urge to explore universal life and my place as a human being within the universe.

Mark Huser - creator