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Thank you Temple builders -day!

Nature Temple 


A day to thank all those who helped built the Nature Temple

Change of plans! Due to the little reservations for this day, we've decided to cancel the program. You are still welcome (from 16-22h)! Just no program anymore...

Feel free to invite/bring others along, it is not a day exclusively for vollunteers anymore. Everybody is welcome to take a look. Reservations are not needed anymore, you can just come for a visit.

NatuurTempel Teuge.jpg

2012-2023 The building process 

OMG what a journey!! If someone would have asked us if we would would like to spend the coming 11 years building the new Temple after the old maloca burned down, we would have said no,... for sure. Lucky things are not always known on forehand. It was the process that made us stronger by testing our motivations. In the end, it made us who we are today. Very grounded spiritual pathfinders, pioneers in the uncharted waters.

And how beautiful it has become. Even our wildest dreams cannot compare with the looks and feels of the place. We’ve built the Nature Temple listening, not forcing our plans into the structure, but taking it step by step, trusting the process would unravel itself.

In the summer of 2023, almost 11 years after the big fire destroyed our old ceremonial maloca, we finish the last chores. While the maintenance is of course already in full process and many, many ceremonies have taken place there already,.. we feel we cannot let this moment pass without a celebration.


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