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Hello All,
I just wanted to share and express my feelings that I was deeply inspired by the speech that I have listened in Psy-fi (during the day just before the last mushroom retreat).
I was not "lucky" enough to get a space for the retreat but I think it was either not the correct time for me or it was more correct time for other people waiting there.
Nevertheless, I see the speech of Mark as a beautiful sign on the path which reminds me where to go and made me believe in the human beings again. I have listened many speeches and read many books and experienced many retreats but this one was the closer to my own path.
So, I am glad to see this sign during the speech of Mark and I would be happy to get in contact and more importantly attend the mushroom retreats and experience the guidance of mushrooms and also yours.
I am a Turkish living in Germany last 3-4 years and I feel the lack of my own roots within the earth which I see is essential to find my own authentic way. Mark told this beautifully in his speech saying that after many long years and practices with the sacred plants it was time to give back to earth in his own authentic way as an Dutch man.
I do have the dream of a land in Antalya,Turkey to create my own authentic way of expressing and manifesting. 
So, I would be happy to attend one your mushroom retreats soon and share and talk further on these topics.
Thank you for your sharing and inspiring.
With love and light,      

Testimony from Ana Sousa and Claudio Aguiar! "
"Me and my boyfriend had the amazing luck of meeting Maya and Mark in the psi fi festival! In the Netherlands, last year. A few months after they kindly received us in the amazing earth awareness, in Teuge, an off grid community. We spent some amazing days, working in and around the temple, and other important tasks. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do, and under the amazing guidance of Mark and Maya we learned a lot, not only about building, but other tasks as preparing the wood, moving compost from place to place, applying varnish in the finished wood in the temple, sand paper other big branches, cleaning, gathering leaves in the garden and add to a pille that would be used for compost, preparing meals, keeping the common areas tidy, learn how to work in a team and how to bring totally different people to a common ground, based in trust, kindness, mutual support, honesty. There is always this positive, vibrant energie floating around, when everybody is focused on their own tasks, and by the end of the day we can sit all together in the warm kitchen, prepare our meals together, have some tea, discuss the days work and the development of certain tasks. There is time to relax, enjoy a good conversation, share toughts, wishes, music, always in a very positive environment! We learned a lot about permaculture and building of eco houses and eco villages!  We feel privileged for having spent some weeks at earth awareness, and we are totally grateful to Mark and Maya for opening their doors to us and sharing so much during those weeks. 
Earth Awareness is a one of a kind type of place, not only for learning about permaculture, composting, building or developing your own skills, but also to make you learn a lot about yourself, and how to be a better person and respect our world and our ecosystem, and passing that knowledge to others!
In the end of our staying we had a very special small ceremony, as it was the last day for the four people staying in the community. We lit the fire in the temple, shared words, toughts, laughter, some tears (mine!), Music, singing and a lot of positive energy and positive vibes! It truly stayed in my earth all the emotions that I felt during the ceremony. 
Without a doubt, earthawareness in one of the most special places I've ever had the luck to be in!! 

"The amazing experiences shared with Mark and Maya have been a marvelous turning point in our lives.
They are simple, caring and loving persons and with their precious work they help the consciousness of those who get in touch with them to awaken, to rejoice and to express fully those values that make each of us a True Human Being.
From our point of view, the work they do for the benefit of humanity is invaluable.
We hope with all our souls that they can keep living and working peacefully in the place that, with effort and dedication, they are transforming into a wonderful space of sharing, joy, healing and beauty, in harmony with nature and in peace with every being.
May they always be free to propagate the precious ancient knowledge they inherited, for the benefit and utility of the human race and of Life and Nature in all of their manifestations.
We pray that they can preserve, expand and pass on the precious heritage they share and may they go on to amaze and support countless brothers and sisters, with their knowledge, love, integrity and with the luminous joy that shines in their eyes and vibrates in their songs.
So be it. Aho!"
(Yajna Shaktananda & Saraswati Lakshmi)
We strongly embrace you with infinite gratitude and joyous love.
See you soon.
Your sister Katia and your brother Fabrizio :)

Hi my name is Luca, I live in Italy, I met Mark and Maya at the Psy-fi festival in 2016, I went specifically to this festival to meet them on the advice of friends, meeting them was a real blessing.

I did with them the ceremonies during these days of the festival and to be able to describe in a simple letter the graces I received in these experiences, it is really difficult.

I had the opportunity to get to know myself better, entering the depth of my being, reconnecting with my true essence and my integrity, thanks to their knowledge I have the opportunity to throw away the masks that we normally wear and returning to be oneself, beyond appearances, conditionings and prejudices, is a deep healing, on an emotional, psychic, physical and spiritual level, I find contact and union with nature and with brothers and sisters of all over the world, I feel part of a wonderful family.

There is a subtle connection, which unites all beings, which one can live and experience during these ceremonies, this bond is Love that gives rise to all that exists, a bond that transcends space and time.

After these first experiences I returned to Italy and I continued to benefit from the knowledge and healing received, so the following year, I returned to the festival again to meet them again and continue my journey with them, which turned out again , an authentic way of knowledge to reconnect to oneself and to all of life, to get answers from the Universe to one's inner questions, to receive healing and graces.

Unfortunately I have not yet had the chance to visit their village and the temple of ceremonies, but I would really like to spend time with them in this place, where they are giving themselves to help the various brothers and sisters who visit them.

It is really valuable, the work they are doing to help people heal parts of themselves, reconnecting them with Life.

In our last meeting, in the various experiences that I lived, Medicine helped me to better understand what a human being is and what it means to be a human being, normally we take this for granted but it is not so obvious to know its value , although I still have a lot to learn in this.

I wish you that your village can continue to exist and prosper in the infinite divine grace and love, in its beatific presence,I wish a deep healing and spiritual awakening to all the brothers and sisters who come to visit you and who support you on your journey, which can always be immersed in knowledge and divine truth, I hope that there will be an opportunity to come to you in this place and to share moments of love and brotherhood together,

a warm hug,