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Hello All,
I just wanted to share and express my feelings that I was deeply inspired by the speech that I have listened in Psy-fi (during the day just before the last mushroom retreat).
I was not "lucky" enough to get a space for the retreat but I think it was either not the correct time for me or it was more correct time for other people waiting there.
Nevertheless, I see the speech of Mark as a beautiful sign on the path which reminds me where to go and made me believe in the human beings again. I have listened many speeches and read many books and experienced many retreats but this one was the closer to my own path.
So, I am glad to see this sign during the speech of Mark and I would be happy to get in contact and more importantly attend the mushroom retreats and experience the guidance of mushrooms and also yours.
I am a Turkish living in Germany last 3-4 years and I feel the lack of my own roots within the earth which I see is essential to find my own authentic way. Mark told this beautifully in his speech saying that after many long years and practices with the sacred plants it was time to give back to earth in his own authentic way as an Dutch man.
I do have the dream of a land in Antalya,Turkey to create my own authentic way of expressing and manifesting. 
So, I would be happy to attend one your mushroom retreats soon and share and talk further on these topics.
Thank you for your sharing and inspiring.
With love and light,