Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center


Since 2001 Earth Awareness has been the green laboratory for a sustainable lifestyle. Many people have added their talents or abundance trough the years to support the centre and its mission: To create symbiosis between nature and humankind. With the building of the Temple of Nature, we are realizing a 'clubhouse' for green initiatives that stimulate out of the box solutions, cause somewhere we came to the realization that we are the ones we've been waiting for..


This is also your chance to participate in the great green makeover of our world, where fantasy and reality fit together. The interest of the people for this natural lifestyle, experience and knowledge is growing rapidly, with the Temple of Nature as a powerful magnet for organic change, with practical solutions that honour our basic life sources. If you resonate in this frequency and you feel joy in offering some of your sweat, skills, connections, finances and/or prayers, you are really welcome to join in, make the global e(art)h awareness grow, so we can enjoy together.


The E(art)h Awareness Foundation came alive in 2004 by a collective of people with many different qualities and interests. They all shared the same dream: Bringing Earth Awareness on this land and to the people, combining Art, Science, Nature and Spirituality. Throughout the years it were Mark & Maya who formed the red threat in manifesting this dream. The Holistic Inspiration Centre, as we call this place, is also thriving because of many volunteers; people with same dreams who understand that what you give is what you get. Together we create art on every level, with fysical work, sharing experiences and knowledge, dealing with the elements and with each other, stimulate inner growth & self exploration, and relax, laugh and enjoy.

The Temple of Nature will be finished in the near future, which means preparations for further elaboration, like programme development, and overall organisation are coming about. This makes there are some great job openings available for people who like to connect and participate more close to the centre and its mission.

Below an overview of the various vacancies that are open in this moment: