Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

Handy (wo)man Team

Running an off grid centre brings fysical work, like Temple building, gardening, repairing and maintenance. These jobs are a great way to connect to the place, the work and the people. If you want to be part, this is an easy and fun way to join in. 

Leave a message when you feel motivated. We try to syncronize your talents and time with our agenda and what is needed at that moment. You can also make a reservation for an organized communual working day or weekend (see agenda for dates).

Event Team

The Nature Temple is hosting a wide variety of events, like ceremonies, excursions and courses. A devoted team of sympathizers make every event a succesful one, we could not do without them! 

It's about kitchenwork, practical preparations like cutting wood and cleaning, and off course making our guests feel at home.

We already have a great team, but with the full agenda of 2019, there are a few spots open for this mission. If you have the time, motivation and sources to volunteer at our events, send us a message.

Promotion Team

We are very happy with ambassadors of the Temple and the centre. You can contribute in your own time and everywhere.

* Sharing our events and news on social media

* Distributing flyers on other events or places you go (ask us to send you some flyers)

* Sharing your experiences with friends, on our website or fbpage