Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

The manifestation of the inspiration

Earth Awareness is creating a sacred and natural architecture, the Nature Temple. The architecture of the Temple is inspired on hobbit houses, cob wood building, log houses and other alternative building methods. Thick, thin, long, curved, slithering branches and knotted roots will inspire everyone’s creative visions. The intention is to create  an artwork  in which not man, but nature plays the role of architect. In fact, we are just revealing nature's true beauty.

Planetary timeship

It all started in 2012, with the selecting, cutting and transportation of 60 trees, in a countless diversity of types. The walls consists of 12 panels in a frame of thick logs and inlaid with a mosaic of cord wood and coloured glass into a circle of 13 diameters. In the inner circle rise the biggest trees as statues round the burning fire, with a see-through and 6 meters wide geodesic dome on top. The roof is made from organic tree trunks and holds a permaculture garden. The floor, will  fill the outside circle and a magnificent white dragon, made of bones and antlers, looks you in the eye when entering through the massive gates...

Organic building

The Temple is mainly build from natural materials. Wood, clay, sand, glass and stones. With modern machinery and artisan hand-tools, like an adze or a crane, the materials are adapted and positioned. The construction work follows a flow of inspiration, it is an active meditation, and all is done from real life practice and experience; there are no manuals for this project. It’s the artists at work.

Every once in a while there is the opportunity for people to participate in the process during the communal Temple building days. Taking part in establishing a Nature Temple is a (symbolic) honour to the earth, your fellow creatures and to yourself. Folks who click on this are welcome to join on one of the Temple building days. (see agenda for dates)