Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

The manifestation of the inspiration

Since 2012 Earth Awareness is creating a natural artwork, inspired on hobbit houses, cob wood building, log houses and other alternative building methods. A beautiful organic roundhouse made from big logs, curly branches, clay and glass. A majestic floor, a geodesic dome on the green roof with a fire burning in the centre.

Experience Space

The Nature Temple is built from pure inspiration, which contributes to the events that take place. The experience space is incredibly well set up for educational purposes, round meetings, lectures, celebrations, courses and trainings and so on.

In the near future this unique place can be used for your events too! If you are interested, we can already start investigating the possibilities, just send us a message with information.

Mistery School

An initiation centre for the people, for reflection on and reconnection with our origin and the greater whole. This unique experience space is designed for ceremonial use, it functions as a compass and initiation centre for truth-seekers. The enchantment of the Temple will take you straight to the realms of imagination. A visit will guarantee an unforgettable experience full of inspiration.

Spirit of Community

In the years that have passed more than 200 volunteers helped with the building proces. They offered their sweat, knowledge or finances to manifest this communual dream. 

With the building of the Nature Temple, we are realizing a ‘clubhouse’ for green initiatives and out of the box solutions, a place where we can meet, co create and relax together. Somewhere in time we all come to the realization that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for………