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Sacred Ceremonies - Rites of passages

In essence a ceremony is about bringing sacredness into your life and about honoring something greater than you and I. There is a divine force that moves through all things. As we become more aware of this higher force moving in our lives and express our gratitude for it, it expands and colors daily life with a radiance and light that connects us to all living things.

A group ceremony in the Nature Temple is very special, as brothers and sisters from all over Europe, are gathering around the fire to seek vision, show humbleness, share gratefulness, ask healing and celebrate life. When we come together with a clear intention for health, magical things are happening. 

Our ceremonies are influenced by many shamanistic traditions, they are dynamic and alive. Together we practice how to become the masters of our shapeshifting realities. With beautiful acoustic music, sensitive and powerful songs, silence and sincere sharing around the fireplace. A team of caring and experienced assistants will be there to help you surrender to your inner journey. We organize the all kind of sacred ceremonies as a tool for awakening and connection. 

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