Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

A group ceremony at Earth Awareness is a very special event, as man and woman, sometimes from all over Europe, are gathering around the fire to seek vision, show humbleness, share gratefulness, ask healing and celebrate life. When humans come together with a clear intention for health, magical things are happening. The ceremony is supported by acoustic instruments, prayers, chants and songs and smudging with odor.

The group ceremonies are guided by Mark & Maya, you are in experienced hands.

By distorting your perception beyond the world of logic and reason, you bypass all human defence mechanisms within us. This makes it possible to think and feel completely “out of the box” without limitations. You make it possible to change deeply wired patterns and norms within and look from a fresh and new perspective. 

Magic Mushrooms bring you in contact with your natural wisdom. This inner process of freeing and healing creates a natural transformation to authentic living.

Group ceremonies are mostly held on the earth, with a central fire.


To join these ceremonies you have to answer some questions, to decide if you are at the right place. From there you will receive all information by email. A group ceremony will be between 7 and 25 participants. Check the agenda for dates.

Thanks for your interest in a group ceremony. We mail you back as soon as possible.
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