Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

Holistic Inspiration Center

Earth Awareness is located in a living community in a little village called Teuge, near Apeldoorn in Holland. The place has gotten an eco-forest-village characteristic, due to long abandonment, when nature took over. There are lots of  trees and the bird chatter is always present.  You see amazing natural art, beautiful gardens and food forrest, off grid systems, big communal spaces and shamanistic decorations. This place will take you away to another world,  where all  feels  like dreams come true.

Stay Overnight

Only possible when you visit one of our events, we are not a camping/hotel. You have to contact us on forhand, so we can see if your plans are in tune with ours. When staying overnight, there are more options:

 * Camp in your (small) tent

* Camp in your camper

* Stay on our big atic

To maintain and keep the centre running and to continue, to invest in future growth, we ask all our guests to leave a financial contribution towards their stay and use of facilities. The prices below are actual costs, without making any profit. Additional donations are obviously very welcome.

It is not possible to use elektricity.

Overnight stay at a tent, in your camper, or on the upper atelier

per night pp 5,00 

In the morning there is simple breakfast included.

This photo shows the upper atelier.

General instruction for your sleep over:

Leave everything clean and tidy

Leave the next day at a max of  11.00 h

Respect the environment and off grid solutions 

Do not wonder around the terrain, and stay out of private properties 

Dogs on the leach and park your car outside the gate :)