Earth Awareness

Holistisch Inspiratie Centrum 

Crossing generations and cultural heritages


Earth Awareness has been hosting and organizing shamanic ceremonies since 2004 with traditional  tribes from many different cultures. This makes this place a melting pot of the well kept treasures of nature and humanity, and perfect for your sacred journey. There are a number of plants that have the capability to take the human mind to supernatural lengths bringing your senses into pure being. These are entheogenics; mind broadening means with powerful visual effects. Magic Mushrooms are also entheogenics, like ayahuasca, iboga or peyote, and they all contain the key to the library of life, there where all memories and experiences are kept.

Magic Mushrooms

By changing your perception beyond the world of logic and reason, you bypass all human defence mechanisms within us. This makes it possible to think and feel completely “out of the box” without limitations. On top of this, you also make it possible to change deeply wired patterns and norms within you to then look from a fresh and new perspective. It brings you in contact with your natural wisdom and in this open, creative and sensitive state of being, the light is able to pass through you and shine on your godly spark and inner turmoil. The spirit of the mushrooms teaches you to dance with the duality within yourself and the world around you. Casting a clarified glance on yourself, your friends, your family, your relationships and your surroundings. The courage to find the ability to grow and develop into a healthy, pure and satisfied human being that is capable of living in grace.

Philosopher Stones

The name Philosopher Stone is reference to the process of turning lead into gold through alchemistic means. The symbolic value of this is that you can turn something heavy into something precious and valable.

The Philosopher Stones (Magic Truffles) are the medicine in our sacred ceremonies.

Shamanic ceremony

Shamanism is the practice of natural spritituality. To put it into more relatable terms, in nature everything is one, inseparable in harmony and dynamically connected in a cycle. There is obviously a natural rhythmic balance to it all and an original blueprint to everything. Shamanism works with these authentic dreams, riles them up, fixes them, (re)programs them and lets it resonate as one whole being. It’s a holistic awareness. The ceremony is there to bridge across generations towards ancestral knowledge. It’s a foundation in spiritual awakening or a starting mark of an important event like birth, adolescence or death.