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Individual Ceremony

You can take the journey with the Sacred Truffles also in a very restful en quiet setting. Just you and me. This ceremony is for you, for you only. No interference from other participants, the energy set for you; you deserve it, or sometimes, you just need it. You can be as you are, you are safe and I guide you where ever is wanted.

Your intention is the compass for this ceremony. You share specific words like:

*I have graduated my education, my whole life lies ahead of me and there are so many options, I do this ceremony to ask for guidance, so that I can get clarity in my direction.

*I have been so angry/restless/anxious or worried, it has taken so much of my energy, I need to find peace. I do this ceremony to find my way to relaxation, comfort and trust.

*Lately I have discovered that I have not been living life fully, I really like to empower my spirit. I do this ceremony to honour life, show gratitude for all and everything that brought be to here and be open for what life has in store for me again.

.. and so on. There are many intentions for joining a sacred ceremony, but they all have one thing in common; they are done for health, growth en life.

So in this save setting and with your strong compass there is a whole journey ahead. Because it is about you, I will use the ceremonial tools that are compatible with your energy, which provides a high change that you can surrender, let go and let be. The dose is customized to what is good for you. A privilege of an individual ceremony is also that you have lots of influence on the date. The ceremony is in or outside, depending on the weather.


Sacred Sister Ceremony

When you are blessed with one or two loving girlfriends, you can invite them to do this Sacred Sister Ceremony together. The ceremony is set to serve your personal intentions and your communal intention; why do you do this together? Is there something to celebrate? Needs there something to be shared or overcome? Are you preparing for a project, an adventure?

The Sacred Truffles open up the magic in you, connect you to the heart, create understanding and clarity, show vision and soon you are in a state of unity. You can adapt to the circle of oneness. It is so beautiful to lift each other up, share intimacy, love and truth. This is what friends do.

All of your sister friends are doing the personal intake. This ceremony is in or outside, depending on the weather.

If you book a Sister Ceremony for October or November, you pay for 2 persons 150,- and with 3 persons 200,-
Action is valid till November 30 2017


To join this ceremony you have to answer some questions, to decide if you are at the right place. From there you will receive all information by email.

Thanks for your interest in a personal ceremony. We will mail you back as soon as possible.
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