Earth Awareness

  Holistic Inspiration Center

 Agenda 2017

 Sept 6, Oct 5, Nov 4 and Dec 3

Full Moon Temple Gathering

From now on every full moon we open the Temple space for a campfire, music, songs and beautifull stories.

A monthly event to meet, express gratitude, atract, let go, catch up with the building progress and enjoy together.

You are welcome from 19.30 h. Bring your instrument, snacks & drinks.

Reservation is not needed and there are no costs, but a donation is always apriciated.


sept 21

A tribute to this EquinoX, the turning of the great cosmic clock. With our songs, sounds and music we celebrate lift as it comes and goes. We play for all we could experience this summer and all that lies ahead of us in coming fall.

This Jam Circle for women is the first one in line. More of these music and singing circles will follow at Earth Awareness in Teuge. These circles are for experienced singers and musicians but also for curious and inexperienced women. It is just for fun, it is just practising together, sharing our songs and playing along. Sure, bring your own instrument(s), but yes, there are many percussion instruments around which are easy to play. I also would like to collect your songs in a book, so if possible bring the song-texts and gitar cords along....

Date: Thursday September 21 from 19.00 h

Depending on the weather we will be in or outside, so wear suitable clothings. I will take care for drinks and you can bring a little snack to share together. Contribution: 7,50 euro at the door. When you go home you receive a ticket which gives you a discount of 2,50 euro for next- time

You have to make a reservation. Let me know you are coming at Please write your name and telephone number.


Oct 7

The requests of people that like to bring us a visit to see the Nature Temple and hear more about the Earth Awareness Centre with its off grid facilities, art and spiritual work is growing a lot lately. Because we are not always open for visitors, we created another option for people to connect.

On this day Saturday Oct 7 from 13.00 till 16.00 h you are welcome to join the tour, ask questions, get background information and enjoy the beauty of this lifestyle. Afterwards we will have a soup to share, drinks are also included.

Contribution 12,50 at the door (10,- by bank NL85TRIO0390 5207 99 : Y van Oosterhout, Teuge, please write Oct 7) Kids 0-3 free entrance; till 10 year old 3,50; 10-17 year old 5 euro. Dogs on the leach.

Discount for Individual Magic Mushroom Ceremonies & Sister Ceremonies 
-Personal and customized
-On a time that suits also your agenda
-More information on this website ----> ceremonies---> individual
Like to visit one of these events and stay for the night?? Sometimes this is possible, always ask in advance. There are 3 options; check it out at 'home---->> location'
Like to work on building the Temple with us?
During the warm season we organize communual action days. We keep you updated on our Facebook page and the newsletter.